MARCH 21 - APRIL 29, 2014



“Ocean” I
Oil on Canvas
12” x 20”

“Rue des Goblens”
Acrylic and Ink on Bristol Board
19” x 25”

“Green Universe”
Mixed Media on Wood and Canvas
43.3” x 19.7” x 2.4”



“Flower Cluster”
Watercolor on Canvas
21” x 19”

“Orchid Breeze”
Acrylic on Canvas
18” x 14”

“Superman’s Crib”
Digital 3D Photography
22” x 17”

“Basket with Lemons”
Oil on Linen
40” x 30”

“Siti” Installation
7 Parts each Spray Paint, Oil, Enamel, and Gold-leaf on Relief Gesso Wood
48” x 72”

Acrylic on Canvas
78” x 78”

2 Parts each Paper and Eucalyptus Wood
6” x 17” x 15.5”
7” x 15” x 17”

“After Last Night”
Acrylic on Wood
36” x 28”

“A Peaceful Place”
12.6” x 19”


“Go For It”
Oil on Canvas
28” x 22”


AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 511 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase in its highly anticipated MARCH 21 - APRIL 29, 2014Exhibition and special “Masquerade Magique” Fête leading Contemporary Master Artists whose mesmerizing works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds through painting, photography and sculpture, exalting the magical realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling form. Emotional engagement pairs up with acute observation and intelligent analysis to form compelling, thought-provoking art. This special Spring exhibition offers a visual bouquet to delight the senses of both art acquisitiors and art aficionados, entrancing the apex of excellence while offering a fantastical international perspective to the representational and non-representational realm through mesmerizing artistic interpretations of the world.

PRISMATIC AESTHETICS shines the spotlight on three unique U.S. artists working across the country in California, Arizona, and New York whose individualistic lexicon of illuminated hues and masterful brushstrokes culminate in visually rich carefully orchestrated contemporary expressionistic reinterpretations of classically inspired perceptions of nature. Singing with radiant light and reverberating with luscious color, these contemporary landscapes and still life paintings luminously echo the timelessness and beauty of our natural world. DAVID CULP captures stoic visions of tranquility in his acrylic and ink compositions inspired by romantic passageways in timeless European cities. ALICE HICKEY paints the brilliant wonders found in our natural world, encapsulating viewers through her luscious color palette filled with gem-colored hues illuminated with brilliant light. SUSAN OBRANT creates masterful still life compositions inspired by everyday situations as she envisions the perfection of a treasured moment and preserves a special world in all its eternity.

EYE-mazing ABSTRACTION introduces four international masters from the United States, France and Mexico, who through the modality of painting, sculpture, and mixed media offer an international visual enchantment of emotions and perspectives. This captivating show demonstrates the pinnacle of what makes successful abstract art know no parameters or boundaries, these supremely talented artists add a frisson of excitement to the visual realm, igniting thought and inspiring self-reflection through dynamic forms and unique mediums. ROY ALEXANDER creates visceral canvases through his bold brushwork and dynamic color palette, creating a single harmonious composition that sensationally catapults viewers’ attention towards infinite imaginative interpretations. THIERRY FAZIAN creates figurative mixed media artwork inspired by the magical realm of surrealism that articulates the essence of emotion and celebrates the human spirit. NATASHA JABRE combines abstraction and symbolism in her lusciously kaleidoscopic saturated paintings, creating all-over energetic color-field compositions inspired by her dreams to express endless human emotions. JOSEFINA TEMIN’s paper and wood sculptures are masterful works that epitomize a visual harmony where subdued color and organic shapes playfully juxtapose in a rhythmic spatial composition.

VORTEX of the VISCERAL showcases two gifted photographers spanning the globe from the United States to Switzerland who guide us on a fanciful odyssey as they illustrate the latitude and longitude of the universe through the lens of the camera. These compelling tableaux capture hidden emotions and unseen attitudes through expert use of emotive color, light and shadows, externalizing the splendor of our charismatic world. Their passionate opulent photographs fuse reality with the imagination and offer a unique artistic perspective influenced by the galvanizing forces of life. L.A. photographerGERSHON KELMAN intermingles nocturnal scenes in his "Cities at Night" series, transforming bustling cityscapes of places across the world into color-saturated 3D photographs illuminated with magical intrigue. Swiss photographer MARTIN ZURMÜHLE poetically highlights the beauty of nature and the female nude, exploring the complexities of life by blending a powerful psychological photographic portrayal resonating with a strong sense of empowerment. 

REVELATIONS in REALITY presents three remarkable international masters working in the United States and Denmark who offer expressionistic visceral vistas with a global perspective as they dynamically capture the effervescent beauty of humankind. Investigating both the physicality of the environment as well as the inner emotions of the human spirit, their conceptually symbolic compositions are intriguing creations alluringly appealing to the heart and soul.RON EA POWELL’s mixed media “Siti” series is an innovative virtuosic vision which spiritually communicates the harmony of humankind in nature. VIGGO SALTING expresses a wide depth of emotions combining expressionism with symbolism, utilizing variegated brushwork to depict emblematic clown imagery imbued with imaginatively fulfilling nuances about the world. CECILIA VALADEZ expresses limitless sentiments and the depths of the soul through the dynamic beauty of the physical female form in her expressionist and deeply textured paintings.

COLLECTORS’ CHOICE is an exuberant compendium of carefully curated contemporary art reflecting eclectic yet sophisticated sensorial perspectives of the world which creatively pulsate with dynamism and energy, offering a visual bouquet of innovative styles ranging from Landscape-Floral Painting to Sculpture. Imaginatively presenting their visual communication through diverse levels of external and internal experiences, these talented Contemporary Masters employ a variety of mediums and the audience is confidently shown the passionate energy of the act of creation. AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY is proud to shine the spotlight on the following COLLECTORS’ CHOICE artists:  TED MARTLAND and JOHN PETERS.