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February Group Press Release

February 11th, 2023.

TOM ASHBOURNE’S multi-colored, museum-caliber sculptures synthesize a newly defined abstract sculptural language with non-objective carved color stone sculptures which unite a harmonious abstract combination to reveal the invisible within the visible, infused with harmony, balance and rhythm, manifesting color, volume, and shape

MARIA ASON’S masterful digital prints create a lush fantasy of nature that reflects the reality and unreality of the pageantry of the natural realm, reverberating with expressive chromatic colors which transcend the limitations of the environment, organically juxtaposing serene natural settings with the dynamism of vibrant hues.

NANCY BALMERT, “Queen of the Flowers” as well as an “Artistic Ambassador to Nature,” enlarges the visible natural world to bloom into a fusion of myriad mosaic, chromatic flowers and Dutch-style still life oil paintings, which create an up-close celebration of the floral kingdom. Cajoling us to inhale every beautiful petal and exhale their joy, she brilliantly illustrates the subliminal effects of her enchanted floral realm and reminds us that flowers are gifts from heaven to earth.

BETTY J BILLUPS’ plein air landscape paintings illustrate a love affair with Mother Nature, portraying a delicate balance between the earth and the sky, while capturing the ephemeral essence of the terrain in her luminescent oeuvre which externalizes the spiritual inner visions of nature and charismatically pay homage to the environment.

WENDY COHEN’S elegant and soulful abstract expressionist paintings portray an incandescent, parallax vision of an ethereal inner world which spiritually visualizes sensorial vibrations, radiating kaleidoscopic colors intermingled with collaged elements which reflect a freedom of non-objective expression.

JEWELL EDWARD CUNDIFF’S sanguine triptych, “Overture in Red” is a sanguine, abstracted synthesization of a vortex of non-objective artistic expression which is both visceral and intellectual. contextualizing positive elements of the universe reflecting a unique beacon of energetic emotions.

ELLIOTT GILBERT’S masterful landscapes incandescently commemorate the glories of nature and enshrine that which is beautiful as he illustrates an extraordinary intimacy with the land and nature, translating his observations into a spectrum of visual experiences which explore our internal emotions juxtaposed with the external environment.

MICHAEL GLEIZER’s magical dreamlike figurative paintings are influenced by nostalgic remembrances of the past, emphasizing the beauty of the human experience as he invites us to journey to otherworldly scenarios which blend time and place, echoing the resilience of the human spirit and accentuating the universality of mankind.

SUE GRAEF re-conextualizes with powerful internal energy chromatic expressionistic dioramas of the environment, painting unique colorful urban cityscape visions which span the majestic beauty of the world, intersecting her dynamic interconnection to the city environment while illustrating her love of the terrain.

ILANA HEVER’S illuminated landscape paintings manifest an artistic dialogue of allegorical expressions of healing, emphasizing the spiritual and emotional awareness of the cathartic possibilities of employing art as a healing tool, as her metaphoric paint brush shines the spotlights on landscapes of the heart and mind.

FRANK HOEFFLER shares a co-relationship with nature with his breathtaking landscape paintings which reflect an evocative visionary syntax, highlighted by a vibrant new lexicon shimmering with dazzling color and illuminated light as he encourages us to treasure our environment.

JACK JASPER creates a fulcrum of fantasia with an alternative visual universe on canvas, reflecting a soft, subdued pastel palette which portrays semi-figurative abstracted forms which are often based on Greek mythology as they co-exist in a chimerical parallel realm.

PAULA GARRICK KLEIN immortalizes the grandeur of the cow kingdom, anthropomorphizing their spirit and capturing their inner spiritual essence, externalizing the animal’s internal spirituality, humanity and glory of their soul, while emphasizing their unique personalities and distinct idiosyncrasies.

ITALA LANGMAR’S abstract paintings navigate space where prismatic color is the testimony of feeling and where poetic words imbue her canvases with a rich, textural effect. electrifyingly sweeping her canvases with a dazzling visual synthesization of syncopated color and lyrical words.

SUZIE SEEREY LESTER galvanizes the forces of nature as she shines the spotlight on wildlife in their natural habitat as well as honoring our environment, all the while illuminating her grandiloquent vision which externalizes the internal spirituality and intimacy of animals, landscapes and nature.

NERYS LEVY artistically channels a visceral response to nature on canvas, encouraging us to treasure and conserve our environment, as she illustrates landscapes with chromatic colors which explode and bear a spectrum of hues, transforming the often inexpressible beauty of nature into a resonant artistic narrative.

LINDA HARRIS REYNOLD’S superlative figurative portraits are windows to the soul, becoming frozen pictorial snapshots of unguarded, private activities of the subject, viscerally conveying a private moment where her subjects are plunged into their own thoughts, whether it be solitary, joyful, melancholic, magical or contemplative as she captures hidden emotions, unseen attitude and strong personalities.

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