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Linda Harris Reynolds

February 1st, 2023,

“Ah! Portraiture, portraiture with the thought, the soul of the model in it, that is what I think must come,” stated Vincent van Gogh. Emotionally connected to this philosophy, Delaware based artist Linda Harris Reynolds’ expressive, narrative portraits illuminate the invisible within the visible of her figurative subject matter. By portraying the human silhouette, she vividly expresses the soul of her subject with limitless emotions, while revealing the meanings of existence in the universality of humankind. Opening a window to the flow of feelings, Ms. Reynolds’ high voltage introspective figures communicate inner moods and emotions as they reveal the intangible within the tangible. Symbolically expressing the human heart through her figures, she adroitly re-contextualizes a parallax vision of the intricacies between the mind and soul which radiate the powerful energy of life.

Face-to-face, Linda Harris Reynolds fills the spectator’s eye with revelatory frozen pictorial snapshots of the immediate, private activities of the subject. Often conveying an unguarded moment, her subjects are plunged into their own thoughts, whether it be solitary, joyful, melancholic, magical or contemplative. Her paintings reflect windows to the soul of her subjects as she masterfully captures the hidden emotions, unseen attitudes and strong personalities of her subjects. These visceral dioramas allegorically express a thought, a concept, an observation, or a state of the mind.

Emphasizing the primal relationship of the figure, she skillfully juxtaposes the figure into the foreground, highlighting the subject as the central focus of the composition. Her intent is often to depict a feeling or an idea as she represents the physical reality of her subject. Significantly favoring the primacy of the viewer’s sensorial experience and its role in everyday life, the artist’s body of work is a visual touchpoint of the human condition. A vortex of dynamic brushwork melds imagination with reality, combining lived experiences with subconscious thoughts where the human body acts as the sole carrier symbolic of a spiritual connection between the mind and body.

Fluidly combining figuration into expressive vignettes, her incandescent oeuvre heralds a deeper symbolism as these visual symbolic messages illuminate a fresh and exciting perspective to our world. By inviting her audience to become part of the emotional scenario, they are drawn into the kinetic energy of the portrait. Brilliantly integrating individuality into her subject, she captures their human spirit.

Dynamically reflecting the dichotomy between reality and perception, Linda Harris Reynolds’ sensorial realm encapsulates divergent visions through a dazzling visual syntax. A gorgeous spontaneity reverberates in her oeuvre, as each picture creates a narrative in and, of itself, encouraging conversations of interpretation. Ultimately, each image is an experience unto itself, allowing the audience to step through the doorway of the picture and enter the world of the sitter. Creating provocative visual stories, these unique portraits cajole viewers to consider even the most familiar individual in a completely new and spontaneous way.

Translating onto canvas the ephemeral moment of life, award-winning painter, Linda Harris Reynolds’ visceral oeuvre provides a special artistic perspective into humankind. Brilliant and inspired while interspersed with a modern edge, her expressionistic figurative art has received national and international accolades. A winner of multiple awards for her expressive artistic devotion to her subjects, her art has been exhibited extensively and she has been showcased in important private and public collections, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this contemporary master.

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