October 8th - December 2022
"Chelsea Biennale"


AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 210 Eleventh Avenue-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase its OCTOBER 8-DECEMBER 2022 "CHELSEA BIENNALE" Exhibition featuring award-winning, leading contemporary artists whose acclaimed works explore the abstract, figurative, and natural worlds. This Autumnal nexus of enchantment exhibition, highlighted by the glamorous “LA DOLCE VITA!” Champagne Soiree on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th from 2:00-4:00 pm, invites the artists and guests to "Paint the Town Pink," offering a mesmerizing elixir of the arts which will captivate the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike.


Pulsating with a charismatic vortex, these artists’ sophisticated, eclectic, and often joyful representations of life provide a visual syntax of our world. Their hypnotic canvases explore spiritual emotions as they synthesize a cornucopia of imaginative artistic visions and stimulate visceral sensations.



Saturday, OCTOBER 8, 2022, 2:00-4:00 “La Dolce Vita” Champagne Soiree


MISA AIHARA'S vibrant layered abstract "Verko" series navigates the viewer to an uncharted deconstructed spectral realm which explores human interconnection through employment of color, light and shapes, unearthing bold black lines juxtaposed against brilliant splashes of color, resulting in dynamic organic forms.


TOM ASHBOURNE’S sculptures synthesize a newly defined abstract sculptural language with non-objective carved color stone sculptures which unite a harmonious abstract combination to reveal the invisible within the visible, infused with harmony, balance and rhythm, manifesting color, volume, and shape 


NANCY BALMERT, "Queen of the Flowers" and the" Yellow Rose of Texas," enlarges the visible natural world to bloom into a fusion of myriad mosaic, chromatic flowers, creating up-close floral oil paintings which celebrate the floral kingdom and cajole us to inhale every beautiful petal and exhale their joy, all the while conveying the subliminal effects of her enchanted floral realm and reminding us that flowers are the gifts from heaven to this earth.


BARBARA DONOVAN's polychromatic landscape oeuvre illustrates the many treasures of Mother Nature where she envisions a visual dialogue with the terrain, blending the sky into the earth, resulting in a recalibrated visual dialogue where landscapes are lush, skies are fanciful and mountains tower over the land.


TORHILD FROYDIS EID romantically visualizes the beautiful in nature, highlighting a sensorial, spiritual inner portrayal of the terrain, not readily apparent to the human eye, reverberating with a wide fulcrum of expressive sensations and resplendent with a cornucopia of nature's colors.


FRANK HOEFFLER channels through a spectral color palette Impressionist inspiration into incandescent still life and landscape paintings which commemorate the majesty of nature as he immortalizes the permanence of our natural world and captures the essence and spirit of the terrain.


APRAJITA LAL'S opalescent watercolors examine the timeless interconnection between art and nature in her lyrically colored -saturated nature dreamscapes which boast a dynamic intermix of expressive, dazzling colors which render a visual interpretation to the environment and communicate her awe of nature's eternal capacity.


THOMAS LOCKHART's mixed media portraits sensitively and skillfully celebrate the reality of his subjects as he examines their inner core through layers of paint which reveal the layers of their soul, unmasking their multitude of features which reflect the spiritual and philosophical dimensions of their personalities.


LORI MOLE's chromatic art musically celebrates the joie de vivre of life with syncopated abstract musical reveries which reverberate with symphonic precision, as she deconstructs reality with expressionistic iconic images of stark black and white checkerboard keyboards, piano keys, musical instruments, ablaze with red hearts.


YUJI MOSTAFAVEE creates paradisiacal acrylic floral panoramas which channel her unique artistic vision to reveal a magical realm as she invites us to her inner terrain where she bypasses the boundaries of everyday reality, all of which are imbued with effusions of chromatic color and radiant light.


JOHN PETERS, "Master of the Gold Leaf," renders a celestial, autumnal landscape series, rooted in his love of nature as he rejoices in the grandeur of the terrain, featuring a dazzling, enchanted golden magical terrestrial kingdom which chromatically unearths the human interconnection to the environment, accentuated with kaleidoscopic colors.


STEFFI RODIGAS celebrates the cyclical four seasons with her luminescent oil on board series which magically shines the spotlight on the fluctuation of nature, focusing on various international locales while radiating a chromatic powerful artistic vision which reflects enchanted imagery of the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.


SALLY RUDDY'S 's "Fleeting Moments- Series III," oil on canvas landscape series is a poetic tapestry of visual love to the natural terrain of the California Central Valley which poignantly interprets the transitory quality of nature with beauty and grace, freezing sensorial scenarios of the terrestrial realm, embracing a permanent remembrance of an exquisite, special moment.


YOICHIRO SAKAI'S digital nature photography harvests a cornucopia of nature's visions as he utilizes the full spectral abilities of his lens to view life and create new meanings for the future, while capturing a unique simulacrum of the topography of the world, all the while jubilantly rejoicing in the splendors of the universe.


IRENE VAN CELESTINE, artist, medical doctor and athlete, aka Irina Mezheritskiy, paints female figurative expressionist silhouettes conveying a powerful visceral allegory reflecting love, sisterhood, beauty, and the empowerment of women as she alluringly conveys a seductive artistic vision replete with poetic symbolism and intelligence.


LULU ZHENG is an artist, medical doctor, and swimmer whose figurative waterscape mixed media paintings pay homage to aquatic activities, allegorically emphasizing her reverence for the environment as she captures the synergistic magnificence of the quiet treasures of life through the symbolism of evanescent water.