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September 9th - December 9th, 2023
"Chelsea Cosmos"


Chelsea Cosmos Group Press Release

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 210 Eleventh Avenue-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase its SEPTEMBER 9-DECEMBER 9, 2023 "CHELSEA COSMOS" Exhibition featuring award-winning, leading contemporary artists whose acclaimed works explore the abstract, figurative, and natural worlds. This Autumnal nexus of enchantment exhibition, highlighted by the glamorous “LA VIE MAGIQUE !” Champagne Soiree on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th from 2:00-4:00 pm, invites the artists and guests to "Paint the Town Pink," offering a mesmerizing elixir of the arts which will captivate the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike. Pulsating with a charismatic vortex, these artists’ sophisticated, eclectic, and often joyful representations of life provide a visual syntax of our world. Their hypnotic canvases and sculptures explore spiritual emotions as they synthesize a cornucopia of imaginative artistic visions and stimulate visceral sensations.



Saturday, SEPTEMBER 9, 2023, 2:00-4:00 “La Vie Magique” Champagne Soiree





NANCY BALMERT, "Ambassador to Nature," and "Queen of the Flowers," illustrates the eternal essence of the floral and still life realm with her old-master inspired oil canvases which resonate with the beauty of the earth and sing with the glory of the sun and the moon.


STANISLAV BARTNIKAS' "Aero-Art" aerial photography captures from an airplane an elevated view of the topography of the world as he celebrates the splendor of our world from above.


TERESA BELLINI's expressionist abstract oeuvre which features spectral colors, offers a non-objective, non-verbal, visceral parallax vision of the world, radiating powerful energy while intermingling the psyche of the organic universe.


MICHAEL GLEIZER illustrates the celestial dynamism and magnetic energy of post-impressionism in his female reverie canvases, which radiate sun-kissed light and gossamer women who interact in his magical illusory realm.


DEEPA KULKARNI's polychromatic, abstract paintings invite us on an artistic journey of sensory exploration, as her inner artistic vision focuses primarily on the boundary between what is internal and external, posing a perceptual visual riddle. 


PETER MAGES' surrealist fantasy paintings manifest visual vocabularies of surrealism, figurative along with abstraction, drawing inspiration from life and dreams, inviting us into a kaleidoscopic world where figures dance on the edge of reality.


NATHA's expressionistic, figurative art blends the fantastic with the real, as her magical oeuvre articulates the vortex of inner visceral human emotion, with dream-like forms which conjure mystical apparitions, evoking a spellbinding sense of intrigue.


JOHN PETERS, "Master of the Gold Leaf," Magic Realism landscapes transform nature into a magical wonderland, as he explores the effervescent energies of the natural world with his masterful, color saturated expressionist Magic Realism paintings.


SHAO REN's visceral figurative expressionistic compositions chromatically swirl on canvas as she externalizes an internal world and inner emotions, mirroring visions of the innermost syntax of the human soul. 


MIGUEL RIBEIRO, a lens-based artist, photographer, doctor and visual narrator, shines the spotlight on his subjects as he navigates the audience to view the reality life through the prism of his camera, encapsulating the essence of the world with a unique artistic perspective. 


ROBERT SWEDROE, renowned architect, whose spiritual skyscape paintings are a bridge from the earth to the sky, showcase soaring, kaleidoscopic butterflies who symbolize hope, renewal and eternity and convey the universal beauty of the world.


CHARLOTTE SZYNSKIE'S figurative bronze sculptures demonstrate her unmatched technical ability and exceptional creative spirit as she deftly breathes life into her work, revealing figures that seem poised to step off their bases and soar into air.


SMOKEY THOMAS's visceral, non-representational art is replete with a powerful fulcrum of expressive sensations, resonating with a sensory, abstract glimpse inside the human condition, illustrating the emotional essence of the deep heart's core. 


RUSSELL VANECEK's ethereal landscape paintings are dominated by fluttering birds as he aims to bridge the gap between the human experience and the natural world, inviting viewers to participate in the intricate web of nature.


PATRICK WALSH's ground-breaking PhotoMosaics collection translates his supreme talent into resplendent photography, employing his "third eye" to create unique photos which masterfully combine hundreds of photos resulting in one unique vision, which are never digitally or photoshop manipulated.


GONG ZHANG merges the worlds of architecture, calligraphy, and traditional Chinese painting into a visually stunning symphony of abstract art that is a convergence of east-meets west cultural influences which resonate with timeless expressionism.

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