Chelsea Biennale - Fall

October 1 - December 1, 2020




                                                                                   GROUP PRESS RELEASE 



AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 531 West 25th Street-Ground Floor-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase the CHELSEA BIENNALE-FALL 2020 Exhibition, from OCTOBER 1-DECEMBER 1 2020, which will highlight the foremost international and national contemporary artists whose works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds. This Autumnal CHELSEA BIENNALE 2020 Exhibition will offer a mesmerizing elixir of the arts and will captivate the senses of both art acquisitiors and art aficionados alike. Pulsating with a charismatic vortex, these global artists’ sophisticated, eclectic, and joyful representations of life provide a visual syntax of our world.




LAWRENCE ARMSTRONG’s architecturally-inspired layered visions' artwork illuminate a pure non-representational abstract aesthetic realm, revealing the complexities of chaos and order through visualizations of color and spatial fluidity.


VICTORIA ASCANIO orchestrates an amalgam of figurative and landscape themes, lyrically portraying reveries of magical realms and iconic New York sites, such as the marvel of Lady Liberty and the Guggenheim Museum.       


NANCY BALMERT, "Queen of the Flowers," reigns supreme over the floral kingdom with her large-scaled, floral panoramic paintings which augment and enhance the majesty of nature's divinity as she invites us to inhale the beauty of the flowers.


DALIA BERLIN's figurative art reflects her Spanish roots, perpetuating the legacy of Velazquez's iconic painting, "Las Meninas," as she combines the language of color, texture and form, creating an artistic link between past and present. 


ROBIN CAPECCI'S luminescent floral still life paintings embody the magic of the floral realm as she freezes sensorial scenarios which embrace a permanent remembrance of an exquisite, special moment of the infinite beauty of nature, transcending time and place. 


CORA CRONEMEYER paints expressionist, social-political compositions, transcending the requirements of everyday reality to create a world without time, without limits, and with endless space. with  emotionally exciting canvases replete with a fantasia colors/


RONI LYNN DOPPELT's "Rainbow Hearts"abstract acrylic series joyously pulsate with the power of creative positivity, radiating a kaleidoscopic spectrum of colors that  are inspired by her love of life, imbued with an ebullient joie de vivre.


MICHAEL GLEIZER's fantastical figurative- landscape compositions resemble vintage postcards, steeped in romantic nostalgia, recalling a simpler way of life, conjuring a bygone, timeless era which embrace a more old-fashioned remembrance of life.


AARUSHI KUMAR's cerebral, non-figurative, abstract oeuvre reflects catalystic visual counterpoints which visually connect the inner self to a parallel world where the paint brush externalizes the inner emotions bridging the gap of our conception of the universe. 


ADRIENNE KYROS celebrates the majesty of nature in her chromatic watercolor oeuvre, portraying the sublime grandeur of the floral realm, paying homage to the magnificence of the natural world with dazzlingly hued artworks.


LORI MOLE transposes her soul onto her  abstract, musically-inspired acrylic canvases which radiate her joy for both music and the visual arts., incorporating musical notes, instruments, and venues into her magical works


PATRICIA NEDEN's oil on canvas landscape paintings immortalize the permanence of nature which deeply reflect her passionate connection to the wonderment of the natural terrain, symbolizing the majesty of the terrestrial terrain's bounty. 


RIITTA NELIMARKKA's visceral, polychromatic photomontage on Plexiglas compositions offer a semi-

abstract labyrinth of the subconscious, employing the language of painting to visualize her alter ego, Elise, and Elise's whimsical companions.

JOHN PETERS's magic realism floral and landscape paintings expressionistically channel sensory experiences along with a profound connection to the environment by harvesting a cornucopia of nature's colors and sensations to uniquely transcribe the bounty of the terrestrial environment.

 210 Eleventh Avenue (between 24th & 25th Street)

Chelsea- New York, NY 10001

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Tuesday- Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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