February 12 - May 2022


Valentine's Soiree - "La Vie en Rose"
February 12, 2022

Masks are required



AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 210 Eleventh Avenue-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase its prestigiously curated "CHELSEA METAVERSE MASTERS" FEBRUARY 12- MAY 2022 Valentine Exhibition. Universally recognized as the penultimate International Art Center of the World, Chelsea-New York City, and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery shine the spotlight on the leading contemporary Master Artists of the International Chelsea Art World. These international Metaverse Masters' works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds and are an exuberant compendium of the perceptions of the heart, manifesting in a unique visual lexicon which unites global dynamic energy with aesthetic sensibilities.

Bubbling over like sparkling Champagne, this sweetheart of an exhibition contains a wealth of visual delights reflecting sublime artistic prowess. The exhibition is highlighted by its glamorous gala, "La Vie en Rose"- Valentine's" Soiree on Saturday, FEBRUARY 12, 2022, which embraces unsurpassed contemporary Metaverse master artworks, radiating supreme artist energy as it seductively romances our visual senses.  Delivering a visual commentary on the art world of today and pulsating with mesmerizing synergy and luminescent artistic creativity, these Valentine treasures are infused with a romantic mystique and become landmark visual gems as they boldly re-imagine the contemporary quotidian. Sophisticated, eclectic and evanescent, this visual diary of art represents the universality of the world as they shine the spotlight on a global artistic language and present various perspectives. Emotional engagement pairs up with acute observation and intelligent analysis to form compelling, thought-provoking art.  Finely judged to appeal to our feelings, these works are like sparkling champagne, effervescent and bubbling, imparting an important visual message to our minds as it touches our hearts.


DORIS ANDERSON navigates her sanguine abstract paintings to synthesize a vortex of non-objective art which is both visceral and intellectual. contextualizing positive elements as she reflects a unique beacon of energetic emotions.

LAWRENCE ARMSTRONG's dazzling abstract paintings conceptualize the macro to the micro spiritual core of life and are artistically aligned to the creative energy of the metaverse. Aligned with the synergistic balance of the rhythm of the cosmos, he creates a visual algorithm of order out of chaos.

MARIA ASON's masterful digital prints create a lush fantasy of nature that reflects the reality and unreality of the natural realm, reverberating with expressive chromatic color which transcends the limitations of the environment, juxtaposing serene natural settings with the dynamism of vibrant hues.

NANCY BALMERT, "Queen of the Flowers," portrays a delicate balance between the earth and the sky as she captures the ephemeral essence of nature in her dazzling romantic flowers, sweeping landscapes and pristine still life oil on canvas paintings which externalize the spiritual inner visions of nature.

MARINA CHISTY's female figurative expressionistic dreamscapes are a visual narrative about the nuances of the female experience encapsulating a sweeping spiritual energy which expresses the inner depths of limitless emotions through the dynamic beauty of the physical female form.

PENELOPE CHIUSANO's witty and satirical mixed media and collage canvases re-examine the role that women play in society as she externalizes the internal feelings of the female experience, exploring the contrary and sometimes conflicting roles of a feminine public and private life in her droll feminist oeuvre.

MAURIZIO DIANA's visionary "New Horizons" world series synthesizes iconography from the past as well as the present, blending the imageries and languages of cultures with illuminated allegorical symbols and shapes which become a visual metaphor for the complexities of life's cross-cultural experiences.

ELLIOTT GILBERT's masterful landscapes commemorate the glories of nature and enshrine that which is beautiful as he illustrates an extraordinary intimacy with the land and nature, translating his observations into a spectrum of visual experiences, with serene international scenery.

NADRA JACOB's vibrant red "Cinco-5" series visualizes on canvas the numerical realm and the mathematical basis of shapes, through the complement of chromatic colorization, finding beauty in numbers and geometry which reflect the algorithm of life. 

NERYS LEVY's Metaverse sphere reflects a body of work which portrays the macrocosm of the global phenomena of Covid 19, offering a unique sensory visual interpretation to the pandemic while personally combating and conquering the disease in an organic, painterly fashion.

ROBERT RUSTERMIER's non-representational,  non-abstract lines and dots series focuses on formal issues of line, shape, color and their spatial relationships as he separates color and line from the constraints of visible form, conveying the invisible within the visible. 

PATRICIA SABLAK-KORZEC enjoys the challenge of painting en plein air portraying the many lakes that are surrounded by glaciers, revealing a dazzlingly electrified atmosphere as she charismatically reveals new imaginary colorful worlds.

DAMIEN SLEVIN renders an evocative visionary syntax with the natural terrain highlighted by a vibrant new lexicon shimmering with dazzling color and illuminated light in his enchanting Parisian cityscape scene and traditional Vesuvian landscape painting.