"Silver & Gold" Holiday Fete

December 14, 2019 - February 1, 2020

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase its glittering and glamorous DECEMBER 14, 2019-FEBRUARY 1, 2020 Holiday Extravaganza Exhibition, which is highlighted by its 18th Annual Holiday Fete on Saturday, December 14th.  In the spirit of the NYC-Chelsea Holiday Art Season, AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY is showcasing unparalleled artworks from talented artists spanning the U.S. and the globe whose works illuminate the vigorous creativity flourishing in the abstract, figurative and natural realms. Celebrating four resplendent Holiday group exhibitions, a link of thematic excellence unites these compelling exhibitions, offering Chelsea art lovers artworks of sublime superiority.  Evocative and dynamic, this exciting Amsterdam Whitney Holiday exhibition exudes an alluring glow with stunning luminous creative energy reflecting an ethereal combination of works which challenge the boundaries of artistic creativity. Pulsating with mesmerizing synergy and sparkling creativity, these holiday treasures are visual gems of sophisticated, eclectic and evanescent representations of the world as they shine the spotlight on a universal artistic language. Reflecting the revitalizing penetration of compelling global ideas in our culture, this cross-continental conversation in art will dazzle the senses during the holiday season for both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike with its incandescent aesthetic explorations of the visual realm. 


2020 VISIONS represents three gifted expressionist artists who passionately navigate the deep inner vortex of life, providing an emotional viewpoint and counterpoint to our world. Unearthing spiritual emotions, their artistic prism ignites our social consciousness to the plight of the refugee, to feminism and to the respect of nature. Representing the eyes and ears of world, they synthesize imaginative artistic visions and stimulate visceral reactions as they metaphorically illustrate visual sensations of humanity. By dynamically defining their oeuvre with passionate synergy, these talented artists offer illuminated works that are intriguing hallmarks of the art world and their masterful tableaux resonate with a cornucopia of color and form which dominate with profound visions. PENELOPE CHIUSANO’s whimsical and fantastical collage oeuvre are optyx of the evanenescent as she creates a unique feminist blend of feminine identity and perception of women's roles in society, intermixing varying textures ranging from water media, textiles, and hand written text. KATHARINE GOULD's “Exodus” series is a visual cavalcade illustrating the Refugees' Story, presenting pastel figurative landscape paintings which explore socio-cultural prisms of transplanted fugitives fleeing their land, in search of safety and sustenance.  Canadian artist BARBARA MUIR's spiritually rich and colorific landscape paintings reflect a love affair with nature, emphasizing the joy of the natural world as she encapsulates and immortalizes the emotional capacity and incandescent wonderment of the terrain, encouraging us to embrace its spiritual energy.


GENESIS of the ILLUMINATA synthesizes three aesthetic prisms to reveal individualized, symbolic multifaceted sensory abstracted visions of the world. These global artists introduce the viewer to expressionist paradigms of the world reverberating with a vortex of unbridled emotion. Echoing invisible visceral emotions which translate intangible thoughts into insightful, incandescent paintings, their huetopic paintings magically provide a luminescent visual syntax reflecting the innermost depths of the soul.  RONI LYNN DOPPELT's ebullient "Miracle" and "Radiance" series reflect an incandescent spray of sunshine reverberating with a cauldron of colors, morphing into spectral optical projections which result in a perfect visual celebration for the holiday season. ZDENKA PALKOVIC's abstract stained glass painted canvases imaginatively explore a fascinating visual dialogue between our internal emotions and the external  world, enveloping the domain of  visceral artistic communication as they convey the beauty and mystery of the universe. JUDY MILAZZO's visual syntax of creative colors, magical forms and compelling lines integrate chromatic and expressionist vocabularies of figurative along with abstraction, juxtaposing a fantastical universe which maintains a powerful visual energy sustained through her masterful signature vibrancy. 


HERALDING the RESPLENDENT triumphantly heralds a jubilant inner spirit featuring two exuberant artists who juxtapose divergent visions of the animal, floral and landscape realm which adroitly transforms extraordinary visual experiences into a dynamic fulcrum of universal expressive sensations. Infused with vibrant, dazzling artistic energy, they present an organic imprint of visceral emotions employing a rich synthesis of colors, undulating natural forms and velocity of brushwork.  Profoundly connected to the horse, Texas artist DEDE SCHUHMACHER’s soulful equestrian paintings mirror the union of the animal spirit with the human spirit, reflecting our mutual inter-relationship, as she masterfully portrays the horse's interaction with the world.  PHYLLIS SHIPLEY’s dreamlike, harmonic visual reveries sing with a huetopian palette evocative of otherworldly celestial and ethereal realms, drawing inspiration from the floral and musical kingdoms, and magically resonate with symphonic precision and an enchanted wonderment of the world.


EQUINOX of the EBULLIENT manifests an uncharted aesthetic odyssey of three international masters whose distinct cultural prisms reflect a cosmopolitan artistic lexicon about nature which defines a sophisticated syntax of individual self-expression. Portraying a trio of unique perspectives about the universe, their global, divergent reflections reveal a charismatic visual cavalcade which illustrates a profound and colorful artistic language, radiating life's beauty, joy and majesty. As they translate these emotions onto canvas, they transcribe a spectrum of emotions regarding the universe, resulting in a complete fulcrum of expressive sensations. Israeli painter, ORIT SHARBAT's sparkling nature compositions boast a dynamic intermix of dazzling colors, intermingling them with expressive emotion, offering a visual interpretation of the  tension between figurative and abstract, natural reality and  natural illusion, rendering an eternal quest for renewal  and regeneration. Singapore based JOHAN VAN DER SPUY transports external nature into interior spaces and presents nature as a treasured gift, a valued present to be cherished by humankind, manifesting nature's inner and outer worlds; the outer world of nature and the inner world of connectivity to the natural terrain.  South-Pacific based Sculptor and Painter, TIM TAYLOR interprets the world by integrating divergent painterly shapes and sculptural forms, intermingling various elements and mediums, as he artistically manipulates the sculpture and painting Medias, transposing his imagery to another universe.

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