June 1 - August 21, 2020 EXHIBITION


Kristal Hart, TV Host and Personality, Interviewing Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's February 2020 Artists

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 531 West 25th Street- Ground Floor-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase its  June 1 - August 21, 2020 Exhibition starring leading Contemporary Master Artists whose works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds. This sweetheart of an exhibition contains a wealth of visual delights reflecting sublime artistic prowess. The exhibition is highlighted by its 18th Annual "VALENTINE'S" SOIREE on Saturday, FEBRUARY 15,  2020, which embraces unsurpassed contemporary master artworks, radiating supreme artist energy as it seductively romances our visual senses.  Delivering a visual commentary on the art world of today and pulsating with mesmerizing synergy and luminescent artistic creativity, these Valentine treasures are infused with a romantic mystique and become landmark visual gems as they boldly re-imagine the contemporary quotidian. Sophisticated, eclectic and evanescent, this visual diary of art represents the universality of the world as they shine the spotlight on a global artistic language and present various perspectives. Emotional engagement pairs up with acute observation and intelligent analysis to form compelling, thought-provoking art.  Finely judged to appeal to our feelings, these works are like sparkling champagne, effervescent and bubbling, imparting an important visual message to our minds as it touches our hearts.


HeART & SOUL is an exuberant compendium of three international masters who explore the perceptions of the heart manifesting in a unique visual lexicon which unites global dynamic energy with aesthetic sensibilities. Their passionate, opulent canvases fuse reality with the imagination and offer a unique artistic perspective influenced by the galvanizing forces of life. Born in Peru, living in Florida, ALFARO CAROZZI's expressive female figurative dreamscapes speak to her audience about the nuances of the female experience with an invigorating freedom and a sweeping spiritual energy.  French born, California based CATHERINE DETRAVES's striking abstract acrylic compositions employ minimalist artistic language which is integrated with pure bold colors of geometry forms which become repeated patterns as she navigates contrasts and tensions between restraint and chaos.  Born in Bulgaria, living in Malta, BOGDAN DYULGEROV's signature emblematic non-representational style focuses on deconstructing images to their most essential important lines, beautiful colors and organic forms as he strives to capture energetic movement, emotion and shapes which are essential to his abstract expressionist oeuvre.


2020 ARTISTIC VISIONS is a charismatic visual cavalcade of eight dazzling national and international  masters whose distinct artistic lexicon defines their syntax of individual self-expression with emblazoned creations. Representing a distinct bridge between the world that shapes their artistic vision, these gifted artists interject the emotional tones of painting with ethereal, optical landscape and nature projections. Internationally acclaimed, NANCY BALMERT, known as "Queen of the Flowers," has an eternal romance with the floral realm. This love affair culminates in luminescent floralscapes which bestow aesthetic gifts to humanity, as they reflect a delicate balance between the earth and the sky, realism and abstraction.  Renowned as one of the twenty- first century's premier floral painters, Nancy Balmert's world-famous floral oil on canvas paintings reflect the visual heritage of the 19th century French Impressionists as her expressionistic color palette immortalizes floral fantasies. With a sense of internal energy, her floralscapes capture the ephemeral essence and tranquility of nature as she develops her own visual dialogue with bold brushstrokes, color harmony, and complementary hues. LOLITA CHIN's illuminated landscape dioramas are influenced by the majesty of the natural terrain, as she captures the harmonious relationship of the land while evoking the abundant tranquility to be found in the beauty of nature as she pays homage to the quiet treasures of our terrestrial universe.  CORA CRONEMEYER 's spectral toned, kaleidoscopic emotional vistas  communicate her inner self through her huetopian paintings, creating powerful, thought-provoking works which are inspired by her empathetic reactions to humankind and their relation to circumstances.  ALICE "DANAE" HICKEY's polychromatic watercolor compositions breach canvas boundaries with luminous subjects found in the natural world, capturing the delicate beauty of radiant flowers and the whimsical flurry of butterflies through spectral hues and expressive brushstrokes.  ADRIENNE KYROS pays homage to the magnificence of the natural world with dazzlingly hued chromatic watercolors which reflect her visceral response to the natural terrain as she invites us on a sensorial experience to visit the topography of the world and enjoy the sublime grandeur of nature. LORI MOLE'S harmonic,  musically-inspired  hued-filled compositions draw inspiration from Jackson Pollock's drizzle themed paintings, weaving together music and art, as they celebrate musical rhythm and color along with sweeping spiritual energy.  WENDY YEO's acrylic abstract compositions are acutely connected to the aesthetics of the seasons and nature's tempos, as she visualizes the spiritual inner visions of nature which are not readily apparent to the human eye, intermingling an exquisite sensitivity to the natural elements


WOMEN-MEN ARTISTS: EVOKE or PROVOKE? is a compelling, multi-cultural compendium of carefully curated contemporary art reflecting eclectic yet sophisticated perspectives of  women's position and influence in the world. Brimming with dynamic vitality,  these "she-roe" paintings are ethereal optical projections of women's position in the world, created  to inspire human consciousness into thoughtful contemplation of universal desires, emotions and experiences. Treasuring  the essence of the Female perspective with its eternal visual symbolism, these compelling artworks embody a timeless message while offering a powerful sensitive narrative. KIMBERLY BERG, a self proclaimed Male Feminist. champions his female figures through an artistic exploration of women’s relationship to nature. Celebrating images of the female nude with mystic and sacred images such as the sun and mandalas, his female figures take on a monumental quality, radiating power and divinity.  Hawaiian born, New York based DENISE CUMMINGS's contemporary abstract collage botanical compositions explore how remarkably we are sexually similar to flower as she pays homage to the magnificence of the natural world with dazzlingly hued chromatic mixed media compositions which reflect her visceral response to the natural terrain.  India based artist, AKSHITA GANDHI articulates a global female vision and is widely recognized as a cosmopolitan visual raconteur. Narrating female artistic conversations through her artwork and photography, she adroitly orchestrates an international artistic mosaic of the female perspective with a fascinating oeuvre that intermingles complex color and composition, offering a sensorial record of the fluidity of women's worldwide positions in 2020.  KATHARINE GOULD's pastel figurative-landscape "Exodus" series paintings poignantly illustrate the plight of the international refugees' journey, both physically and emotionally, sensitively illustrating the Diaspora and exile  of these alienated global citizens of the world, highlighting their flight, abandonment, grief and loss.


Like sparkling champagne, COEUR a COEUR intoxicatingly bubbles over with effervescent exuberance, mood and nuance as it explores the romantic realm of the universe. Romancing the spirit of life, these innovative international masters' virtuosic canvases spiritually communicate the harmony of the human existence with bright, expressive canvases and sculptures that truly entice the heart and soul. Hailing from Mexico, AMADOR MONTES's visceral oeuvre extrapolates human emotion and contextualizes it on canvas, creating multiple realities which allude to the complexities and interconnectedness of human experiences.  Austrian artist HELGA PALASSER's abstract burned clay sculptures and wall hangings are driven by her systematic approach and empathetic representation of the beauty of life, as she creates a conversation between the old and the new.

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