June 11 - September 2022


Salute to the Stars! Champagne Soiree
June 11, 2022: 2:00-4:00pm

Guests are invited to dress in Gilded Glamor attire
Masks are required


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AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 210 Eleventh Avenue (between 25th & 24th Streets)- Chelsea, New York City, is proud to present in its JUNE 11-SEPTEMBER 2022 Exhibition leading Contemporary Master Artists, whose work explores the abstract, figurative and natural worlds, exalting the realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling  form. This special “CHELSEA CHAMPIONS' ALL STARS!” exhibition boasts a sparkling constellation of art which will dazzle the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike with its incandescent renewal and regeneration of the visual realm. Soaring to new heights and pulsating with dynamic synergy and artistic creativity, these Chelsea Art Stars’ sophisticated, eclectic and profound representations of the world shine the spotlight on a unique, universal artistic language. Highlighted by the glamorous and elegant Saturday, June 11th, 2:00- 4:00 pm “Salute to the Stars!" Champagne Reception, each shining Art Star has the unique capacity to circumnavigate cultural barriers and nationalistic identities as they translate contemporary global art while illustrating their views. Reflecting the revitalizing penetration of compelling global ideas in our culture, these cross-continental conversations in art inspire with incandescent aesthetic explorations of the visual realm.



MARIA ASON's nature-inspired digital art conveys her visceral response to the wonderment of the environment where the natural terrain is rendered with a mesmerizing reinterpretation, resonating with unbridled emotion  which reveals a hypnotic, atmospheric haze, reflecting a cornucopia of color and light intermingled wirh a lush labyrinth of fantasia which reflects the reality and unreality of the natural realm. 


NANCY BALMERT- "Queen of the Flowers" and the "Yellow Rose of Texas," enlarges the visible natural world to bloom into a fusion of myriad mosaic, chromatic flowers, creating up-close floral oil paintings which celebrate the floral kingdom and cajole us to inhale every beautiful petal and exhale their joy, all the while conveying the subliminal effects of her enchanted floral realm and reminding us that flowers are the gifts from heaven to this earth,


WENDY COHEN's dazzling abstract expressionist small-scaled, mixed media canvases spiritually communicate the harmony and beauty of the world as she incorporates her fascination with color which cohesively translates her unique vision of revealing the invisible with the visible as she explores an inner aesthetic terrain resonating with a visual invocation. 


SUE GRAEF is galvanized by her love of the environment as she paints her inner experience with nature with her unique urban cityscape vision which spans the ethereal beauty of the natural world as she reinterprets the harmony and symmetry of the terrain through her colorful cityscape, countryscape and urban oeuvre which resonates with the beauty of the land. 


ALESSANDRA HALDI's elegant and soulful abstract expressionist nature paintings portray an incandescent, parallax vision of an ethereal inner world of the natural terrain, rendering a unique and distinctive modern reflection of the sublime forces of  the universe which spiritually visualize the fragile relationship that humanity shares with nature.


ELAINE MURPHY's gossamer female figurative reveries lyrically convey hidden emotions which are reflected through the natural beauty of the female face and figure, as her luminescent canvases are built up through layers of highlights and dark shading which illuminate the sensual visions of the female figure which reflects luscious softness and warmth. 


JOHN PETERS, "Master of the Gold Leaf," renders two new abstract landscape series entitled "Nature's Waves,"  and  "Horizon" which are rooted in his love of nature as he rejoices in the grandeur of the terrain with his enchanted golden magical terrestrial kingdom, which unearths the human interconnection to the environment featuring dazzling celestial chromatic, golden-hued paintings. 


SADY PINEDA re-conextualizes  chromatic expressionistic dioramas of nature which illustrate the fleeting and fragile beauty of the natural terrain as she acknowledges a spiritual connection with Mother Nature with heavily textured paintings which convey nature's richness while capturing the ephemeral essence and power of nature with a sense of internal energy. 


SALLY RUDDY's "Fleeting Moments II," oil on canvas landscape series are a poetic tapestry of visual love to the natural terrain of the California Central Valley as she poignantly interprets the transitory quality of nature with beauty and grace, freezing sensorial scenarios of the terrestrial realm, embracing a permanent remembrance of an exquisite, special moment.


EME WILLIE's atmospheric abstract nature oeuvre intermingles an exquisite sensitivity of the natural elements which delicately explore the fragility and intensity of the inner terrestrial world, echoing the beauty and energy of the land, sky and water which are heightened by a sense of subtle contrasts, all the while illustrating the sublimity of the natural world


TIMOTHY CRAWFORD WILSON's dazzling, chromatic, expressionist compositions are poetry on canvas which capture the complexity of the human condition through powerful color, dynamic light and vivid forms, as he integrates a stellar, new artistic vision which combines art and poetry which visualizes hidden emotions and thoughts

with a vibrant, syncopated beat.