October 9 - December 2021
"Life is a Cabaret!" Soiree


AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 210 Eleventh Avenue-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase its OCTOBER 9-DECEMBER 2021 Exhibition featuring leading contemporary artists whose works explore the abstract, figurative and natural worlds. This Autumnal nexus of enchantment exhibition, highlighted by the glamorous “LIFE is a CABARET!” Champagne Soiree on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9th from 2:00-4:00, pm, invites the artists and guests to "Paint the Town Pink," offering a mesmerizing elixir of the arts which will captivate the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike. Pulsating with a charismatic vortex, these artists’ sophisticated, eclectic, and often joyful representations of life provide a visual syntax of our world. Their hypnotic canvases explore spiritual emotions as they synthesize imaginative artistic visions and stimulate visceral sensations.


Saturday, OCTOBER 9- 2021 2:00-4:00 “Life is a Cabaret" Soiree


PATHWAYS TO LIGHT exhibition harvests a cornucopia of nature's visions, reflecting a love of the natural terrain, infused with the jubilant spirit of artistic achievement. The charismatic, visceral compositions of the three master artists reflect colorful, magical incantations of nature and reverberate with a wide fulcrum of expressive sensations as they channel sensory experiences along with a profound connection to the environment by harvesting a cornucopia of nature's colors and sensations to uniquely transcribe the bounty of the terrestrial environment. NANCY BALMERT, "Queen of the Flowers" and the" Yellow Rose of Texas," enlarges the visible natural world to bloom into a fusion of myriad mosaic, chromatic flowers, creating up-close floral oil paintings which celebrate the floral kingdom and cajole us to inhale every beautiful petal and exhale their joy, all the while conveying the subliminal effects of her enchanted floral realm and reminding us that flowers are the gifts from heaven to this earth, JOHN PETERS, "Master of the Gold Leaf," renders a new autumnal landscape series, "Birch Gold Leaf Collection," which is rooted in his love of nature as he rejoices in the grandeur of nature with his enchanted golden magical terrestrial kingdom, which unearths the human interconnection to the environment featuring dazzling celestial chromatic, golden-hued birch paintings.  SALLY RUDDY's "Fleeting Moments," oil on canvas landscape series are a poetic tapestry of visual love to the natural terrain of the California Central Valley as she poignantly interprets the transitory quality of nature with beauty and grace, freezing sensorial scenarios of the terrestrial realm, embracing a permanent remembrance of an exquisite, special moment.


QUANTUM COUNTERPOINTS acquaints the viewer with three masterful artists who are inspired by nature and humankind. Their visceral artistic vision continues the expressionistic legacy of man’s profound quest to find respect and meaning in our universe as they create visual conversations which reveal their honor of nature and the humanity of the universe. DR. BELA GOLD’s museum-caliber paintings pay homage to the humanity of humankind with burnt drawings on recycled wood, honoring those who perished during the Holocaust with images obtained from the Berlin Jewish Museum and the Auschwitz concentration camp, as well as other World War II documents, as she emphasizes the deep importance of life and legacy.  JACK JASPER creates a fulcrum of fantasia with an alternative visual universe on canvas, reflecting a soft, subdued pastel palette which reveals semi-figurative abstracted forms which are often based on Greek mythology as they co-exist in a chimerical parallel realm. LULU ZHENG is an artist, medical doctor and swimmer whose figurative waterscape mixed media paintings and abstract sculptural wall hangings pay homage to aquatic activities reflecting her reverence for the environment as she captures the magnificence of the quiet treasures of life.


OPTYX of the EVANESCENT shines the spotlight on three virtuosic masters who synthesize the beauty and complexity of nature and music through their variety of mixed medium. By illustrating the wonderment of the world, they combine an intersection of painterly vision with innovative conceptual perceptions. Pakistani born- New Jersey based MAIRA ABBASI's mosaic-like, nature inspired oil and mixed media, three-dimensional wood panel paintings are committed to kaleidoscopic color and luminosity of form, resulting in chromatic, exotic and sensual works of art which reflect her royal Pakistani heritage and reverberate with fantasy, seduction, and spirit.  ADRIENNE KYROS's sensorial floral watercolor paintings introduce us to her expressionistic, emblazoned floral realm which conjures the huetopian beauty of the flora kingdom through chromatic blossoms and effusions of luminous light as they reverberate with intense color and rich texture. LORI MOLE’s musically inspired acrylic compositions are joyful abstract reveries which reverberate with symphonic precision, as she deconstructs reality with expressionistic iconic images of stark black and white checkerboard keyboards, piano keys, musical instruments and blazing red hearts, all of which resonate with a joie de vivre.


VORTEX of the HUETOPIA exhibit introduces three gifted artists whose spellbinding transfigurations represent magical alchemies of creation. Each renowned artist’s beguiling artistic lexicon is a vortex of enchantment radiating unique artistic expressions metamorphosizing into compelling external forms, as they spiritually interact with the world through color sensations becoming a visual metaphor for our world. In an abstract quest to translate her non-objective vision, RONI LYNN DOPPELT, renowned Master Colorist, is recognized for her abstract expressionist, chromatic, flowing paintings with overlapping, translucent -painted wing-shaped, chromatic inkblot like forms which dance into dazzling sinuous arcs of phenomenal, gem-like veils of transparent color. Norwegian born KARINA McKENZIE is influenced by the Dalai Lama teachings and Buddhist ideology and is galvanized to artistically seek beauty, peace and harmony in her brilliantly colored three-dimensional abstract textile vertical wall hangings which reverberate with spiritual love and harmony.  PHYLLIS SHIPLEY examines the timeless interconnection between art and nature in her boldly colored -saturated nature dreamscapes which boast a dynamic intermix of expressive, dazzling colors which render a visual interpretation to the environment and communicate her awe of nature's eternal capacity for renewal and regeneration.