"Mid-Summer Night's Dream" Exhibit
June 12 - September 12, 2021





AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, located at 210 Eleventh Avenue (between 24th & 24th Streets) - Chelsea, New York City, is proud to show in its JUNE 12-SEPTEMBER 2021 Exhibition featuring Contemporary Master Artists, whose work explores the abstract, figurative and natural worlds, exalting the realm of the aesthetic through brilliant coloration and dazzling form.  This special “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” exhibition, highlighted by the Gala Champagne Reception on Saturday, June 12th, offers a magical tribute which will enchant the senses of both art acquisitors and art aficionados alike.

With exhilarating and intoxicating joie de vivre of the natural experience. This sparkling summer exhibition overflows with a bubbling visual champagne toast to the prismatic wonders of the natural world as it reflects a masterful incandescent renewal of the visual realm. These acclaimed international masters define the cultural cross-section of the modern art world and pulsate with dynamic synergy and expressive artistic creativity. While rendering a visual lexicon of sophisticated, eclectic and often joyful representations of the world, they shine the spotlight on a unique, universal artistic language, creating panoramas infused with creative spirit.

CELESTIAL LIGHTS is a prismatic portal to nature which showcases two unique masters, whose individualistic lexicon offers a panoply of hues and masterful brushstrokes which culminate in visually rich panoramic perceptions of nature. Dancing with radiant light and orchestrated with luscious color, their enchanted floral tableaux luminously echo the timelessness and beauty of our terrestrial realm. Demonstrating an unparalleled ability to capture the essence and spirit of the natural kingdom with chromatic depictions of vistas, these lush compositions transport the viewer to idyllic locations through vivid color palettes and tantalizing scenarios. "Queen of the Flowers," NANCY BALMERT's oil on canvas compositions calibrate a new aesthetic perspective reflecting the sublime divinity and majesty of the floral kingdom, as she discovers a delicate balance between the earth and the sky, the roots of the land and the wings of the heavens.  Employing gold oil, metal and gold leaf on board are the floral works of Magic Realism master, JOHN PETERS whose quest is to portray the grandeur of the floral kingdom, anthropomorphizing the flowers' spirit, capturing its inner essence, and externalizing its animated glory. 

ILLUMINATA of the EQUINOX expresses a shimmering parallax vision of artists who collectively explore intriguing visual relationships within the contemporary realm.  With a clever syncopated beat and a unique artistic perspective, their masterful works are optical filters, coalescing them together, creating a bridge between the senses and the heart, mingling art and the universe, fusing cognitive learning and emotional intelligence. JOHN DROOYAN's masterful Epson 9880 archival print on canvas abstract digital photography series are otherworldly vortices of form which are deconstructed to reveal a snapshot of the syncopated algorithm of life, uniting a rhythmic abstract three-dimensional syntax of life. Taking center stage are MICHAEL GLEIZER's renowned theater costume illustrations on paper which are inspired by the classics of tour de force Russian plays and books, such as Chekov, Gogol, Sholom Alcheim and Kotlyarveskyand, shine the spotlight on the masters of Russian literature. THERESA LEE's "Liquid Sunshine" series creates chromatic acrylic on canvas abstracted compositions which poetically express the transluminescence of nature through an exploration of organic lines, reflecting an illuminated spectrum of opulent colors, evoking a sense of spirituality and tranquility of nature.      

ENCHANTED SOUL-STICE reflects the diverse talent of two skillful artists who offer a tantalizing figurative perspective of the universe. By echoing the visual, they masterfully integrate artistic vocabularies with permeated color and light, while exploring life’s journey through a visceral iconography. Their matrix of style captures the innate complexities of the human condition, translating the intangible into the visual realm as they transform visual sensations info expressive portraits, offering perceptual twists while rejuvenating the optical senses with newfound aesthetic configurations. DORA SAVIGNAC's expressionistic portraits illustrate a parallel world with visually rich figurative paintings which externalize sensorial realms, synthesizing inner emotions, intersecting them into optical illustrations that are both magical and mysterious, as they reflect the invisible within the visible, the intangible within the tangible. SWETA SHAH's "Caste" and "VP Kamala Harris" female-centric, acrylic and collage on canvas series present an emotional response to the Caste system and women's role in society. Filtered through expressive semi abstract-figurative perceptions, she skillfully renders "she-roe" silhouettes which embody an important visual narrative.           

Please enjoy the following video featuring the "Mid-Summer Night's Dream" Summer Exhibition