"Silver & Gold" Holiday Fete

December 14, 2019 - February 1, 2020

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY, 531 West 25th Street, Ground Floor-Chelsea, New York City, is proud to showcase in its “Moulin Rouge-Thanksgiving" NOVEMBER 8-DECEMBER 6, 2019 exhibition internationally and nationally recognized Contemporary Master Artists whose works overflow with bountiful creativity, illuminating the abstract, figurative and natural realms. In the spirit of the Chelsea Thanksgiving Art Season, and highlighted at the glamorous November 16th Thanksgiving "Moulin Rouge" Champagne Reception, this dazzling group exhibition will offer a cornucopia of contemporary talent that reflects divergent realities and subliminal dreams. Evocative and dynamic, this Autumnal Thanksgiving exhibition exudes an alluring glow with stunning luminous creative energy which challenges the boundaries of artistic creativity. Riveting and provocative, the artwork in this Thanksgiving exhibit transport the viewer to wondrous interpretative realms and are a testament to the talent of AMSTERDAM WHITNEY GALLERY's artists.


CORNUCOPIC DIORAMAS manifests evanescent perspectives from creative artists whose artworks act as expressionistic mirrors to our world, reverberating with their dynamic compositions which reflect a visual syntax of figurative narratives, intermingled with huetopian color, and unique perspectives.  Brilliantly metamorphosing into glowing visual conversations, they are imbued with a vibrant sense of visceral emotion which reverberates with inner vision. Their originality and individuality burst with a bounty of mesmerizing compositional strategies that coalesce into vibrant compositions which transcend artistic parameters. HEROLD ALEXIS'S social narrative panoramas of  the urban streets of New York, featuring human figures interacting with the police, awakens our social consciousness as the NY Police Detective viscerally captures  the reality of crime and violence in  a realistic painterly style.   Inspired by his love affair with New York City, PAUL KENTZ,  is a visual story teller of the "Theater of the Streets," employing New York City as his artistic muse, shining the spotlight on The Big Apple's  festive parades, lively  festivals,  and iconic NYC locals-  always fascinated by the past, present and future of NYC.  LULU ZHENG'S multi-media, female swimming silhouettes are inspired by her medical background along with her love of swimming, as she creatively embraces the relationships between nature, the body and the metaphysical world



SYNERGIES of the PLENTITUDE synthesizes the perfect spectral aesthetic which illuminates a spiritual connection to the world. These talented artists create entirely innovative vistas for visual exploration with innate sensitivity and sharp observational skills. Embracing the tangible and intangible joy of the universe, their vitality and masterful artistic skills remain paramount. LORI MOLE'S harmonic, musically-inspired compositions draw inspiration from Jackson Pollock's drizzle themed paintings, weaving together music and art, as they celebrate musical rhythm and color along with sweeping spiritual energy.  SHAHRZAD NIKZAD'S ”Hanging on the Tree's Breath"  abstract series challenges the viewer to visualize terrestrial worlds in an abstract fashion as she synthesizes her own unique vision of the natural world, emphasizing color, beauty and light..  SHARON SAMPSON mixed media female figurative monotypes effusively render delicate semi-abstracted female silhouettes that are poised at the intersection of form and abstraction, revealing a hybrid blend of organic shapes and curved figuration


OPTYX of the EVANESCENT explores an inner aesthetic terrain resonating with an exterior visual invocation of the world.  Rewarding the viewer with an inspired visual language of social, political and artistic concepts, this masterful exhibition reflects diverse artistic perspectives and opulently overflows with provocative ideologies.   WENDY COHEN'S dazzling abstract expressionist paintings weave narratives which are juxtaposed with collage elements and metamorph into unique visions, revealing the invisible with the visible.  CORA CRONEMEYER communicates her inner self through her kaleidoscopic paintings, creating powerful, thought-provoking works which are inspired by her empathetic reactions to humankind and their relation to circumstances. KATHARINE GOULD'S pastel paintings poignantly illustrate the refugees’ journey, physically and emotionally, sensitively illustrating the Diaspora and exile of these alienated international citizens of the world, highlighting their flight, abandonment, grief and loss.


FULCRUM of LUMINOSITY communicates a prismatic dialogue on Mother Nature, offering a contemporary conversation on the wonders and beauty of our environment. With sweeping pictorial vision, these masterful artists capture the universal power of our earthly surroundings, elevating it to the sublime as their symbolic narratives express limitless emotions through high voltage, introspective compositions. ADRIANA CORREA's finger-tip painted expressionistic landscape paintings intuitively reflect on the dazzling color and design of nature, juxtaposing serene natural settings with the dynamism of tactility and color. ESTI KISS-DAVIS'S expressionistic impasto floral paintings honor the elegance of the terrestrial world, conjuring the beauty of the flora kingdom through chromatic blossoms effusions of luminous light.

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